Being At The Cottage – The Objectives

To provide a unique environment for innovators and entrepreneurs to pursue something extraordinary

To become an indispensable part of raising awareness and the developing of consciousness in business and organisations into the future

To make a difference with the people who are making a difference

Shaped by the influence of being in nature, immersed in deeply peaceful surroundings, the experience of being at the cottage is gently balanced by expansive and lively conversations with Wilma, a seasoned coach and the company’s founder.  These elements reveal hidden seams of inspiration within you which can be gathered together and woven into more than the sum of their parts.

About the boutique business retreat – a fusion of 6 elements:

Your Purpose, Your Plan, Your Vision

When you’re immersed in your vision, there’s a sense of anticipation, and completeness. A blending of you with it and it with you.  Just for a few days, get away from it all.  Pack your vision and leave the rest behind.  Make something happen as you go offline, re-calibrate, re-evaluate and re-group.  Develop something extraordinary.

Spending Time Alone

Spending Time Alone

Remove yourself from interruptions and the mundane  habitual distractions of work.  Let your brain relax, detox and replenish.  Give your imagination free rein ……….just allow the process to do its job.

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The Conversations

Conversations with an intelligent stranger

Loosening information embedded in your unconscious, face to face conversations create a space for expansion.  Lively, progressive and provoking, they provide a stimulating  counterpoint to spending time alone. 

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The Unconscious

This is your gut feeling and intuition. It holds everything and never sleeps. The more you connect with your unconscious, the more extraordinary results and eureka moments it will give you.

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The Cottage

Inside and out, the cottage will stimulate your senses while composing the body and mind, making it easy to distil your thoughts and ideas. 

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Being In Nature

A raft of studies has been  carried out in recent years  proving what we already intuitively know – that being  immersed in nature is a beneficial tool in increasing focus, reducing psychological stress, expanding the mind and enhancing creative thinking. 

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