‘Creativity has become a fundamental strategic priority.’
Fred Cook – CEO GolinHarris

When you have an extraordinary vision that’s burning a hole in your brain, what often keeps you awake at night is how and where you’ll find the space and time to give it the creative attention it needs.

Being At The Cottage – The Objectives

  • To show busy innovators, entrepreneurial thinkers and leaders with a vision for change how to stop hurtling through life at 100 mph+, (at least occasionally) – to realign time and create a clear line of sight as they develop their vision

  • To support the game-changers in their evolution of organisations committed to making a positive impact around the world 

  • To develop consciousness in businesses

  • To make a difference with the people who are making a difference

Not having enough time is a construct of your beliefs, your imagination and your values. If you believe you have enough time, or you believe you don’t, either way you are right.

When you stay at the cottage, you will get a
profound experience of being ‘in’ time.

The 7 Pillars

There are many ways to access creativity, but it is the fusion of these 7 elements that are transformative:

One – Your Vision

When you’re in the grip of your vision, there’s a sense of a wholeness that sweeps you along. There’s a blending of you with it and it with you.

We will be here to collaborate with you as you clarify and consolidate your ideas. Co-conspirators in your vision.

We will nurture, cradle and help you develop your embryonic thoughts as well as taking you beyond the scope of your usual self-interrogation to challenge assumptions and beliefs, breaching the barriers as you sprint for the Finish line.

We do not presume to be experts in your field, but we are experts in ours.

Two – Spending Time Alone

Buddhist monks orange robe hanging spend time alone

‘Solitude is important for free thinking.’ Sinclair Beecham – Co-founder Pret A Manger

Spending time alone for long enough triggers a radical shift in perspective. When you remove yourself from mundane habitual distractions your brain relaxes and your imagination roams. You get
explosions of inspiration.

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Three – The Conversations

Conversations with an intelligent stranger

Loosening information embedded in your unconscious, face to face conversations create a space for expansion.  Lively,  progressive and provoking, they provide a stimulating  counterpoint to spending time alone. 

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Four – Tech Free

There’s no WiFi, mobile reception or TV in the forest, but we assure you, your connection will be supreme.

This is just what your brain needs to relax and give you its best. Can you imagine what your mind could reveal over 4 days or more?

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Five – The Unconscious Mind

With 95% of your brain activity being beyond conscious awareness, wouldn’t you want to know more about your subconscious mind?

Your subconscious mind is working away in the background, joining the dots and spotting the patterns.

It’s no coincidence that it releases your inner knowing when your left-brain process is either pre-occupied or switched off.

The more you connect with your unconscious, the more extraordinary results and eureka moments it will give you.

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Six – The Cottage

Here, you will have a profound experience of being in time. Inside and out the cottage will stimulate your senses while composing the body and mind. What comes into focus is a clear line of sight to distil your thoughts and ideas. 

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Seven – Being In Nature

‘Peace and quiet are very important for the creative process. I don’t think people understand how important it is.’ Jackie Cooper – Global
Creative Chair at Edelman

A raft of studies has been  carried out in recent years  proving what we already intuitively know – that being  immersed in nature is a beneficial tool in increasing focus, reducing psychological stress, expanding the mind and enhancing creative thinking. 

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