Being At The Cottage is for innovators and entrepreneurs with a vision for change and who want to make a difference.  So, what’s stirring you?

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” Richard Buckminster Fuller

  • Are you ruminating on an idea, a vision, something that you know in your gut will make a difference?
  • Recent events may have washed away your career, yet this has created the perfect opportunity for you to reflect and decide to make a difference.
  • Maybe you’ve tried to develop these thoughts before, but the timing wasn’t quite right    

Whatever your route to arriving where you are now, your innate sense of possibility tells you that there must be a right way for you to get your own extraordinary ‘thing’ out there.

You’ve got most of the ingredients:

  • You’re inspired to break new ground
  • You have a strong sense that change is needed
  • You understand that discovering new ways of thinking and being can help you to achieve this  
  • You know you want to make a difference by creating something extraordinary

In developing visions, taking time out to reflect, to process and to evolve is important.  Spending time alone is an overlooked but essential element to that.  In addition, it dovetails into and enhances the work with your team.  It’s a time where you can glean information in a pure and uncluttered space, then return to share your findings.   Sometimes, other people, however important they are, can be an un-necessary distraction.

If you value solitude, space and a stimulating environment to develop your idea, and also like the idea of working with an experienced Growth and Performance coach, then we should talk.

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