“The success of an intervention depends on the interior condition
of the intervenor.”
Bill O’Brien – late CEO of Hanover Insurance

Being At The Cottage supports innovators, entrepreneurial thinkers and leaders with a vision for change in the 21st Century.  So, what’s stirring you?

  • You’ve got an extraordinary vision that’s burning a hole in your brain
  • You quite like hurtling through life at 100 mph+ but never have enough space or time to give your vision the creative attention it needs
  • Your vision is intrinsic to what you do next, forcing you to re-evaluate life. You’re ready to kick the mundane and ordinary into touch and contribute something extraordinaryto make a difference

In developing visions and embracing change, taking time out to reflect is critical.

  • When you spend time alone you reflect, process and evaluate differently
  • Time to let go of old paradigms, then welcome in the new
  • Allow perfect pieces of the puzzle to show up at the right time, time after time
  • The insights gleaned when you’re alone, dovetail into and enhance the work with your team

Most people are ‘busy’ spending time, and paying a high price for it.

Invest your time and get a return on that investment by tapping into your inner knowing, allowing yourself to be in time, then letting an inner wisdom emerge.

You’ll have most of the ingredients already:

  • Inspired to break new ground
  • A strong sense that change is needed
  • A head full of ideas … but which one to develop next
  • You want to make a difference, create something extraordinary

If you dream of solitude, space and a stimulating environment to develop your vision, and value working with an experienced Growth and Performance coach, then we should talk.

Being – letting an inner wisdom emerge

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