The conversations are pivotal to the process of being at the cottage, and are a potent and powerful way to gently sift through all the information contained in the streams of consciousness kindled by spending time alone.

Wilma’s style is relaxed and inquisitive, and drawing on her experience, she inquires with intuitive insight to stir the sediment that lies unexplored in the subconscious. 

Relaxing in the sitting room or walking on the hill with an intelligent stranger, discussing progress so far, helps to create expansion and possibility.  The conversations are lively, progressive and provoking.  The result is a widening of perspective, a flushing out of old paradigms and what can only be described as the sense of a cellular irrigation, once left alone again with your own thoughts.

Each conversation lasts between 2 and 3 hours and will move your idea forward with pace.

“Wilma has a perceptive and intuitive approach and asks intelligent questions.  She knows when to talk and when to listen, what questions to ask and when to get me moving!  The conversations brought clarity and order, and the quality of the questions that she asked expanded my thoughts and changed my perception, which is what sped up the process.”  Janet Colenutt – Nutt Property Lets 

“The shifts and insights I made while talking with Wilma for just a day, had powerful results.  I took stock of my life and work and made some important changes which produced life-changing results going forward.”
Suzi McIntyre BVSc MRCVS  Canine Dental Specialist

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