A Course In Being

Learning to lead from the conscious decisions of who you are choosing to be, in order to make the difference you are looking for

Being – letting an inner wisdom emerge

The aim of this course of 6 lessons and conversations is to open a clear line of sight as you develop your vision by building on the momentum of the Deepen retreat.  

As you apply what you learn, immersing yourself more and more deeply in moments of being, perfect pieces of the puzzle will begin to show up at the right time, time after time … every time.

Following tried and tested principles you will learn to:

  • Mentally step back far enough to see clearly
  • Unlock free-thinking by being in time more of the time
  • Deepen your connection to intuition and insight
  • Understand the difference between linear time V vertical time, ensuring optimum results
  • Easily bring your vision front and centre whenever you want

Only you can create the right moment. Whenever you commit to a cut-all-ties-decision, heaven and earth will move with you.

  • You will be guided and supported as you put everything into practice over a number of months
  • You will be shown how to put the theory to work so that you evolve into a different state of being – if you continue to practice
  • This is a visceral, practical experience – quite different to going on a short course, or even other forms of coaching

Everything you learn has a solid underpinning based on current brain science.

The Zip Wire Of Time

When you feel the difference between racing up and down the zip wire of time, and the spaciousness of being in time, you experience time in a radically different dimension. 

Vertical Time
Being – where intuition, the subconscious and synchronicity meet.  Here you can access inspiration at will.  THIS is the magic of being in time.

Linear Time
Travelling between past and future, and only occasionally landing in the present.

The tried and tested principles we teach will move you from doing too much in linear time to spending more time being in vertical time – and getting more done.

Just as blobs of ink from a fountain pen eventually join up on blotting paper, you’ll find your moments of being in time will join up.  You will open up to intuition and inspiration and begin to connect to a sense of ‘inner knowing’. 

‘Wilma’s guidance following the retreat has revealed just how well she understands how the subconscious mind works. She takes you far beyond the theory, helping you put it all into practice, so you really do start to see and experience life very differently as your journey unfolds.’ 
Jane Heaton
Jane Heaton Associates – Author, Marketing & Content Specialist