5 Reasons To Spend Time Alone When Pursuing Something Extraordinary

Reason No 1 – Get Away From Your Work Environment

When we separate ourselves from the white noise or our work environment, relinquishing the digital gadgetry that props us up, curious and wonderful things happen.

Reason No 2 – Get A Triple A Pass

Abandoning life’s habitual 21st Century distractions by taking a digital detox gives us the coveted Triple A Pass.  The Access All Areas pass to the infinite well of creativity and innovation held by the subconscious.

Reason No 3 – Spend Time Alone

Sometimes, we need to spend time alone in order to tap into our creative potential to realise the successful outcomes that we’re seeking.  Doing this adds balance and perspective to decision-making, problem-solving and the creative process. 

Full moon over the Himalayas

Reason No 4 – Creating Distance

By going some distance away, we change the perspective on opinions and decisions around the vision that is being created and get new insights into its development.

Reason No 5 – Stop Thinking

Best ideas are never created staring at the computer screen. It’s not about trying harder to think smarter, it’s about letting go and not thinking at all.  Creative solutions occur and best ideas happen when we rest our minds and allow expansive awareness to take over.

Often, a walk around the block or a stroll through the park is sufficient to blow away superficial cobwebs and clear the head, but it has little impact on accessing the deeper areas where inspiration and answers lie.  Innovation and creative solutions flourish and can breed like bacteria when we retreat to exquisitely peaceful surroundings and are influenced by the power of spending time on our own.  

spending time alone
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