Why Getting Away From It All Unleashes Creative Solutions

When our mind is free of stimulation, we are in the best position to produce some of the finest problem-solving and creative solutions that it can generate.  By allowing the mind to relax and wander, we activate the brain’s default mode network, which is essential for creativity.

Create: ‘Bring something into existence’ – Oxford English Dictionary
To evolve from one’s own thought or imagination’

Creativity thrives in an expansively quiet mind.  It doesn’t happen while we are staring at a tablet or dealing with the daily grind of mundane problems in the office.  That’s why 72% of people get great ideas and new insights in the bath or shower.   Being in water induces a meditative state and engages the brain’s default mode network.  Soaking in a steaming bath or being washed by a waterfall of water under the shower causes us to daydream in a way we wouldn’t when we remain focused on a particular task.


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Being creative doesn’t mean we need to be an artist, architect or sculptor.  Being creative is about bringing something new into existence that wasn’t previously there, something that is demanding your attention.

Creativity is inherent in all of us, more flamboyant and visible in some than others, but it’s always there.  Getting away from it all accelerates the potential for the creation of something extraordinary.

Sometimes group discussions, brainstorming and many heads are better than one.  At other times, the need for a creative solution drives us to break away from the daily grind.  At those times, the sweetest answers often come while spending time alone.  Taking time out to relax your brain, re-group your thoughts and recharge your batteries reassures the subconscious. As soon as the mind chatter and habitual distractions are put to one side then we can tap into the hidden seams of inspiration held by the subconscious.

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