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The Only Constant Thing In Life Is Change

When we observe and preserve an alert watchfulness over life, we can see the unfolding and enfolding evolution of everything - constant change.  It may seem banal, but this also includes holiday cottages. I moved to Graig Ddu in 1991 – you can read the story here: For 9 years I lived and worked … Continue reading The Only Constant Thing In Life Is Change

Synchronicity At Its Magical Best

Finding Graig Ddu - The Cottage In The Forest It wasn’t so much a case of love at first sight, mostly because I hadn’t lived without electricity before, and the cottage was pink!  I wasn’t sure which would be more of a challenge. It was definitely a case of it finding me, though.  After 4 … Continue reading Synchronicity At Its Magical Best

A Holographic Garden

It’ll be three years ago this summer that I began restructuring the garden at Graig Ddu.  Many of the small shrubs were over 30 years old and reaching the end of their lives, and some were diseased. It was in the ensuing chain-sawing, uprooting and burning that the holographic nature of the garden wove its … Continue reading A Holographic Garden

The Magic Of The Mountains

4.00pm on 30thDecember and dusk is settling.  I ran to the mountain gate and up to the cairn at the top of Twyn Y Gaer, an iron age hill fort.  On the way I nodded hello to the last straggling walkers heading back home before dark.  Perfect – no more people.  That’s how I like … Continue reading The Magic Of The Mountains

4 Reasons To Have A Conversation

Conversations - The Counterpoint To Spending Time Alone Being At The Cottage is about using the power of spending time alone to deepen the development of something extraordinary. However, in order to add perspective and depth to that experience, the time spent alone is enhanced by conversations.   But calling them conversations doesn’t really do … Continue reading 4 Reasons To Have A Conversation

What Is The Boutique Business Retreat?

‘What is this life if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare. No time to stand beneath the boughs And stare as long as sheep or cows.’                 W H Davies 1911 It’s over 100 years since W H Davies wrote those words, and most of us are now hurtling through life … Continue reading What Is The Boutique Business Retreat?

Hop Into The Bath And Unleash Creative Solutions

Create: ‘Bring something into existence’ – Oxford English Dictionary ‘To evolve from one's own thought or imagination’ Creativity thrives in an expansively quiet mind.  It doesn’t happen while we are staring at a tablet or dealing with the daily grind of mundane problems in the office.  That’s why 72% of people get great ideas and insights in the bath or shower.   … Continue reading Hop Into The Bath And Unleash Creative Solutions

Why Walking Boosts Creativity

‘Walking is potent mood medicine that enhances thinking, sharpens memory and safeguards brain health.’  Forbes Magazine Walking increases creative inspiration by an average of 60% versus sitting down. In experiments, the effect was evident during and shortly after walking anywhere between 5 and 16 minutes. Walking enables divergent thinking – an expansion of the mind … Continue reading Why Walking Boosts Creativity

5 Reasons To Spend Time Alone When Pursuing Something Extraordinary

When we separate ourselves from the white noise of our work environment, relinquishing the digital gadgetry that props us up, curious and wonderful things happen. 

Why You Should Be An Air Head

The power of choosing to be an air head whenever you want to is very sweet.  Try imagining having an empty head, no thoughts, and being able to un-think the thinkable at will, arresting the maelstrom of your thoughts and relaxing into clarity.  A bit like talking to yourself, being an air head has always … Continue reading Why You Should Be An Air Head