6 Shortcuts To Insights And Inspiration – Part 1

What Makes A Boutique Business Retreat? I believe that houses choose their owners. In 1991 Graig Ddu chose me.  You can find that story here:   https://tinyurl.com/ydyz5wp3 But back to the present. After leaving an out of character foray into the corporate world as a property manager in 2018 where I had over 100 holiday cottages to oversee … Continue reading 6 Shortcuts To Insights And Inspiration – Part 1

Synchronicity At Its Magical Best

Finding Graig Ddu - The Cottage In The Forest It wasn’t so much a case of love at first sight, mostly because I hadn’t lived without electricity before, and the cottage was pink!  I wasn’t sure which would be more of a challenge. It was definitely a case of it finding me, though.  After 4 … Continue reading Synchronicity At Its Magical Best

A Holographic Garden

It’ll be three years ago this summer that I began restructuring the garden at Graig Ddu.  Many of the small shrubs were over 30 years old and reaching the end of their lives, and some were diseased. It was in the ensuing chain-sawing, uprooting and burning that the holographic nature of the garden wove its … Continue reading A Holographic Garden