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Don’t Just DO Something, Stand There!

The Rise Of The Boutique Business Retreat

Stopping to stand and stare, rather than hurtling through life at 100 mph, is just one of over 20 subtle dynamics that are the bench marks of the boutique business retreat Being At The Cottage.

Small, simple, stylish and intimate, the boutique business retreat is the antithesis of the executive retreat, or ‘off-site’.   The only thing they have in common is that they both allow you to break away from your routine …… and that’s where the comparison ends.

Business retreats, as well as solo retreats, have until now, involved mixing with fellow business professionals or, in the case of a solo retreat, with strangers who are on a similar quest.  It has always seemed strange to me that on a solo retreat there is little opportunity for experiencing the luxury of spending alone.  Being At The Cottage is a business retreat designed for one.  Specifically for those who are ready for the experience to come away with an idea, a conundrum or a plan, and to stay for a few days and soak up the privilege of spending time alone.

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Spending time alone for more than an hour or so gives innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs the space to develop their ideas, work through problems and trust their judgment without these being influenced or diluted by the opinions of others.

The essence of the boutique business retreat is a sublimely creative space.  Immersed in stunning scenery, the cottage is laced with a contagiously peaceful aura.  For business professionals, to settle down to life here for a few days triggers fresh thinking, focuses the mind, presents new perspectives, and eases open that part of you where all the answers are held – the hidden seams of inspiration in your subconscious mind.

Extraordinariness is contained in all of us, but most of the time we give ourselves little opportunity to get to know that submerged subconscious side of ourselves.  Instead, we resort to the entrapment of the backlog of mundane problems and habitual distractions of day to day life, leaving our extraordinary selves smothered.

Intended just for one, or on specific occasions two, the boutique business retreat is designed so that you can access your subconscious mind and coax out the very best from yourself, accelerating your pursuit of something extraordinary.

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