Being At The Cottage Offers A Range Of Experiences With Scope

From intentional conversations to exploring the deep impact of spending time alone, these elements generate a deeper sense of connection with your team and a greater satisfaction in work and life.

Below is a collection of unique experiences which help you navigate personal and organisational changes from a powerful place of conscious choice.

Open Days

Graig Ddu nestled in its woodland garden

These unique Open Days can be enjoyed on their own or used as a route to discover more about the range and scope of the experiences we offer.


Being Heard

Stephen Covey said, “The biggest communication problem is that we do not listen to understand, we listen to reply.” 

We don’t do that. We listen so that you feel heard.
No judgment, no opinions, no interruption, no ego

Sink into 90 minutes of deep listening just for you, for the times when you really need to be heard. The world is changing rapidly. Work is changing…. rapidly. You know you need to change as well, to manage this in the best way.

How you need to change may feel unfamiliar, but the changes feel right. You may even be thinking, ‘This sort of thing doesn’t happen to people like me.’

The key to successful change is that it happens from the inside.

There’s no-one to talk to about this where you work, however, we are here to listen.


Reflective Leadership 24

Immerse yourself at the cottage for 24 hours of rich conversation and reflection.

Work 1:1 with Wilma during the day and experience the deep impact of spending time alone overnight. Reflect on how you want to lead differently.

Lunch and supper included.

Dates for 2022:

Thursday 30th June
Thursday 21st July
Thursday 15th September
Thursday 29th September
Tuesday 15th November


Being You

“If you’re not willing to risk the unusual you will have to settle for the ordinary.”
Jim Rohn

Delve down beneath the surface and explore new ways of being with this unique experience.
4 nights alone at the cottage – Monday to Friday

Includes 1:1 mentoring with rich conversations, and 4 transformative nights away from those mundane, habitual distractions.

An opportunity to trigger insights and answers as you let go and connect with your inner knowing. Unlock free-thinking and experience being present in time.

While this experience is laced with small, subtle touches which encourage expansive thinking, we make sure there’s enough structure to keep you focused. Spending time alone nudges the release of creative solutions and helps you capture elusive pieces of a puzzle as doorways into your unconscious are eased open.

Dates for 2022

Monday 20th – Friday 24th June
Monday 15th – Friday 19th August
Monday 24th – Friday 28th October
Monday 12th – Friday 16th December

Being On Purpose

An extended program of growth and development including 7 nights at the cottage. You can expect rich conversations and big shifts as you explore the deep impact of spending time alone.  This is about mastering your inner game.

A deliberately deepening experience where you can expect to:

Hidden in the forest Graig Ddu The Cottage in the Forest Llanthony
  • Clarify a key piece of your vision and create forward motion
  • Sharpen perspective
  • Get deeper insights
  • Strengthen connection to intuition and Self
  • Notice a certainty, stillness and peace developing in yourself, your work and the world

“If you can have the experience of being in the moment for two or three days, we don’t only feel restored, it seems to produce a difference in qualitative thinking and mental performance.”   
David Strayer, Cognitive Psychologist at the University of Utah

Dates for 2022

Monday 5th – 12th September
Monday 21st – 28th November

Dabble Getaways

Getaway for a weekend and dabble in this simple and gentle immersion into the offline and unplugged experience.

Perfect for nurturing the seed of a germinating idea or contemplating a change of direction.

Get a sense of how the experience of spending time alone unfolds.  As you dabble quietly, sift through the insights revealed.

Birdsong - Being At The Cottage

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