“Yesterday I was clever, so I’m changing the world. 
Today I am wise, so I’m changing myself.” Rumi

1:1 And Unique

An Opportunity To Experience The Deep Impact Of Spending 7 Nights Alone

For innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs with plans to make a world of difference.

This is a carefully designed and thoughtfully curated process, . The work purposefully taps an elemental chord that deepens your connection to intuition and insight.

Is your commitment to making a difference big enough and deep enough to turn the spotlight on yourself to discover how you can lead differently?”

After your 7 night stay at the cottage, we’ll work together to:

  • Work towards your cause in a productive, efficient and resilient way
  • Help you leverage the deep impact of spending time alone
  • Embed new ways of being to lead the change you want to make
  • Discover who you need to be to lead the change you want to make

Before Your Stay

We’ll identify barriers to progress, creating opportunities for perfect pieces of the puzzle to show up on time, time after time.

We’ll explore what makes you tick:

  • Your vision
  • Your hopes
  • Your fears
  • What uplifts you
  • What shuts you down
Sustenance At The Cottage
Luscious Lunches And Sumptuous Suppers

We’ll discover your favourite foods so that our private can create a tailor-made menu especially for you to enjoy while you’re at the cottage. Satisfying and stimulating – giving you simply the best nutritional benefit you can extract from a simple meal.

“Without great solitude no serious work is possible” Pablo Picasso

Plunging Into Spending Time Alone

You will experience a unique 7 nights alone, totally tech-free, at the cottage in the forest, in the Black Mountains in Monmouthshire.

“A simple yet luxuriously peaceful idyll. What a place to wake up.”

Our aim is to create a frictionless environment for you while you’re at the cottage, because we want you to fully absorb this unique experience of spending time alone.

“Research shows that it takes a minimum of 3 days for your brain to refresh and relax.”

Submerge yourself in the present moment and immerse yourself to whatever you are drawn to.

“Who new what a few days minus technology could do!”

Your solitude is punctuated by:

A Massage

Soon after your arrival, an experienced massage therapist will arrive to knead away knots of tension, reinforcing the message of a complete change of pace

Gong Bath

Bathing in the vibrations of the gong creates an ocean of resonance that is profoundly relaxing, bringing connection, balance, alignment and restoration

Rich Conversations

These provide a stimulating counterpoint to spending time alone. You will be guided to sculpt the fragments of your insights into more than the sum of their parts. This is a process to enjoy and have fun with, and you can expect a refreshing, light-hearted and light touch approach

“Wilma’s methods are genius …

With the ebbs and flows of a busy life we all know we should slow down and pay attention to ourselves, but we don’t always know how. What Wilma so seamlessly is guide you through the phases of rebalancing life in achievable steps.” Ben Thorne – Enriched Horizons

Stepping Stones To The Present Moment

“You should sit in nature for 20 minutes a day unless you are busy,
then you should sit for an hour.”

During your stay, navigate your way to the present moment by immersing yourself in the experience of spending time alone.

We have carefully hand-picked more than 20 Subtle Dynamics that give you an entry point to your subconscious. They will help you intensify creativity, improve mental performance and allow you to tap into an emerging inner wisdom.

Spending time alone triggers a radical shift in perspective.”

Here is a selection of Subtle Dynamics

Stand And Stare – absorb the feelings of being at one with nature in your surroundings

Walk And Wonder – discover hand-picked trails to inspire and invigorate.
Expansive surroundings support expansive thinking

Bathing – 72% of people get creative ideas when bathing

Just Write – Writing without thinking draws answers from your subconscious

Birdsong – Listening to birdsong helps improve focus and cognition

In The Garden – Make an elemental connection with the soil

Notice the small stuff and absorb the perfection of being in the moment

Creativity – Paint or play with clay. Artistic activity increases brain plasticity,
encouraging creative thinking and problem solving

We’ve done the fine-tuning so you don’t have to. Your job is to let go of old paradigms and prepare to receive new insights.
“I now comfortably see myself as a leader in my corporate role.”
“Working with Wilma allowed for that key healing to occur, and i am only just beginning to see the ripple effect into all areas of my life.” Nadine Elsasser


When you leave the cottage, Re-entry guides you back into the real world, and the fundamental inner work begins. The day you leave the cottage you will be wearing the feelings of being grounded, centred and present. There’s no mistaking it. Your mind will be clear, sharp and uncluttered.

Re-entry is about working with you so that you learn how to live and work from this place continuously.

9 Enduring Elements For Leaders
Pursuing Something Extraordinary

Notice How Life Gets Easier When You Adopt These Principles

Leading a change that you are passionate about requires your entire attention – not just your brain or your thoughts.  You need to put your whole being into it.

What you’re leading and how you lead it will be unique, that’s why it’s so important to Be you.
You can’t be anyone else, successfully.

After you leave the cottage, we will:

There is a 2 fold process to this:

  • Work together to get the 9 Elements working well, so that you become familiar with being present more of the time
  • Use the 9 Elements to help identify the triggers that de-rail you
  • All change starts inside us
Turn the spotlight on yourself and discover who you need to be to lead the change you want to make
  • Say goodbye to incessant doing
  • Work towards your mission for making a positive impact from a place of Being – a powerful zone of resilience

This is about the development of something extraordinary, for others as well as yourself.

I am much clearer about the shape of the future …even though it’s still forming and there’s more exploring to be done. The overall balance and combination of the cottage, the conversations, all worked wonderfully together.
Jane Heaton – Jane Heaton Associates

If this has raised your adrenaline level just a little, or got your heart beating that little bit faster, contact me to discuss when you’d like to come.

Suggested dates for 2022

Monday 22nd – 29th August
Monday 24th – 31st October
Monday 21st – 28th November

(If you’re unable to make any of these dates, please get in touch and let us know when you’d like to come.)


I look forward to talking to you

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