Being On Purpose

“A change of feeling is a change of destiny.”
Dr Wayne Dyer

You know in your gut you’re in the pursuit of something extraordinary because it won’t leave you alone and you can’t let it go …… yet at the back of your mind you may still have the question, “Who am I to do this?”

The Being On Purpose Experience banishes any uncertainty and beautifully aligns you with your purpose by winkling out niggling misgivings and doubts you may have about being the right person to get your extraordinary ‘thing’ out into the world.

Sometimes it’s necessary to step into something you’ve never done before, rather than sit silently, hoping that someone else will do it. 

Why should you be the one to bring this to the world?   Because ….

If this is your passion for change, then you need to lead it, because it’s tugging at your sleeve, not someone else’s

…. And why shouldn’t it be you?

“There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.”
Marianne Williamson

This Experience includes the deep, positive impact of spending 4 nights alone at Graig Ddu in the heart of the Black Mountains in Monmouthshire, where you will be fully supported.

Your solitude is supported by:

You will be met from the train and driven by chauffeur to the cottage. Sink back into the moment and notice the world change around you

A Therapeutic Massage (optional)

If you love a massage, we will arrange for an experienced massage therapist to come soon after your arrival to knead away knots of tension, reinforcing the message of a complete change of pace

Sound Healing/Gong Bath (optional)

This is a unique experience – bathing in the vibrations of the gongs creates an ocean of resonance that is profoundly relaxing. If you would like our experienced sound healing therapist to deliver a gong bath for you, helping to bring connection, balance, alignment and restoration, this can be arranged for you

Luscious Lunches And Sumptuous Suppers

These are provided by our private chef. We’ll talk to you about your favourite foods, and a tailor-made menu will be made especially for you to enjoy while you are at the cottage. Using predominantly locally sourced ingredients, your meals are satisfying and stimulating – giving you simply the best nutritional benefit you can extract from a simple meal.

Rich Conversations And Reflection

Conversations, mentoring and coaching will be led by Wilma, providing a stimulating counterpoint to spending time alone.  

Over 3 consecutive sessions during your stay, you will:

  • Closely examine the question, “Why NOT you?”
  • Tap into the nuances of what’s holding you back
  • Clear the way to eliminating lingering doubts
  • Set, consolidate and anchor key intentions

You can expect a refreshing, intuitive and spontaneous approach when working with Wilma. This is a process to enjoy and have fun with. An opportunity to reflect, explore, connect and tap into intuition in order to make the necessary internal shifts so that you have a clean and clear line of sight as you pursue something extraordinary.

Doing this work ensures you are beautifully aligned and on track because we’ve done the fine tuning, so you don’t have to. Your job is to let go of old paradigms and prepare to receive new insights.

Our aim is to create a frictionless environment for you while you’re at the cottage because we want you to fully absorb this unique experience of spending time alone, without distraction.

Stepping-Stones To The Present Moment

We have carefully hand-picked more than 20 Subtle Dynamics that give you an entry point to your subconscious mind and a growing ability to be present. They will help you intensify creativity, improve mental performance and allow you to tap into your emerging inner wisdom.  

There will be a comprehensive guide to the Subtle Dynamics for you to dip into during your time at the cottage.

“Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. How do you know this is the experience you need?  Because this is the experience you are having at this moment.”  
Eckhart Tolle


The day you leave the cottage you will be wearing the feelings of being grounded, centred and present. There’s no mistaking it. Your mind will be clear, sharp and uncluttered.

Re-entry guides you back into the real world while retaining your sense of presence.


After your stay, Wilma will work with you on a retainer for 3 months. This includes 2 x 60 minute calls per month and reasonable email support. Calls are not transferable into the following month.

Being Responsible

You’re in charge

Book Your Calls

Fit these in when it’s convenient, so that you can get your questions answered, check in with your intentions and make sure you keep on track

Contact us with your preferred dates
Optional Upgrade

You may want to process your experiences from the week, and we are happy to keep the following weekend free for you should you wish to upgrade and stay for the weekend. This would be an additional £500. Or you could take advantage of the additional 3 nights at the cottage and also include a full day’s coaching/mentoring with Wilma for an additional £1250.

If you’d like to chat about this Experience, please use the link below: