We believe we are breaking new ground with our solo retreats for innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs. If you would like to be one of our pioneers and experience our Delve retreat – a 4 night, all inclusive, coach supported boutique business retreat – for HALF PRICE, then get in touch now to find out more about our pilot programme.

A great deal of time and thought has gone into the design, curation and delivery of each retreat.

Choose from 3 exceptional experiences:



For 1 person

This 4 night bespoke boutique business retreat in the forest supports you in evolving a vision or defining a purpose which requires a new way of thinking.

The process begins 2 months before you arrive and we will work in partnership with you before your stay to ensure you have just the right experience that helps you to delve more deeply into your vision.

This retreat combines the subtle dynamics of being at the cottage and the intensity of spending time alone with expansive and lively conversations with Wilma.  During the conversations the threads of the insights you’ve gathered during your stay are woven into more than the sum of their parts.

With enough structure to keep you focused, your experience is laced with small, subtle touches which encourage expansive thinking. They nudge the development of creative solutions and capture elusive pieces of the puzzle as doorways into your unconscious are eased open.

Stay at Graig Ddu for 4 days and nights – Monday to Friday


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For 1 Person

Get a sense of how this solo business retreat experience unfolds and influences the development of your venture.  Dabble quietly and soak up the tranquillity of being in the forest and get a glimpse of what’s lying in your hidden seams of inspiration.

Included: Choose a specially selected activity to stimulate expansive thinking.

Stay at Graig Ddu for 3 nights Friday to Monday, and sample the power of spending time alone.


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For 1 or 2 people 

Dip - Boutique business retreat weekend break

Dip a toe in the water with this introduction to the boutique business retreat. Get away from mundane distractions at work. Steal away for a brief and blissful 2 or 3 night self-catering break.  From the comfort of the cottage, and the atmosphere of the forest, soak up the simplicity of your surroundings.

Perfect for nurturing the seed of a germinating idea, contemplating a change of direction, perhaps beginning (or finishing) that book.


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Birdsong - Being At The Cottage

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