Get a feel for how this solo business retreat experience unfolds and influences the development of your venture. The Dabble Retreat is about paddling in the shallows of the Being At The Cottage experience. Push on the door to your hidden seams of inspiration and get a sense of a more powerful connection at work.

Steal away from mundane distractions at work and enjoy a brief and blissful 3-night self-catering break.  From the comfort of the cottage, dabble quietly and soak up the simplicity of your surroundings. 

To really get the creative juices flowing, choose from one of the following activities which are included in your stay:

A probing and provoking 1 to 1 conversation with Wilma can be woven in your stay.

Wilma is an experienced Growth & Performance coach. The conversations provide a powerful counter-point to spending time alone, and they can become a formative part of this weekend.  The conversation could take place in the sitting room, strolling along the forest tracks, or up in the mountains behind the cottage. The intention is to gently elicit answers or to be challenged about ingrained assumptions that could be holding you back. The conversation is woven into the experience and intended to open up paths to your unconscious.  This will help you to discover information held in your hidden seams of inspiration.  They pull together the threads of the insights gathered during your weekend.

Coiling With Clay – Book yourself in for a tactile tutorial in the ancient art of coiling with clay with Wilma. You will be left the part-built pot to continue with during your stay, if the mood takes you.

Imagining On Purpose Visualisation Session – Explore the unlimited potential of your imagination as you are guided through a meditative visualisation session. Because the brain doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined, you can expand your sense of possibility and achievement. Using your imagination strategically and on purpose is a powerful tool. At the end of the session we will explore the insights gained. 

Allow a minimum of 2 hours for these experiences.

The Little Things That Make This Special

  • Wilma will be at the cottage to meet you on arrival.
  • A simple Welcome Basket will be waiting for you on the kitchen table
  • Enhance a humble  supper with ingredients from the well-stocked grocery cupboard
  • Smooth, cotton sheets and bathroom treats
  • Relish the digital detox – because there is no mobile reception, no Wi-Fi or television at the cottage
  • Connect the house iPhone to the bluetooth speaker and lose yourself in an eclectic selection of music
  • Just you, the cottage and majestic surroundings
  • Understand how you can harness the Subtle Dynamics that are all around you, with a complimentary copy of A Guide To Being At The Cottage.

Optional Extra – treat yourself to a massage over the weekend. Just enquire when booking.

Stay for 3 nights Friday – Monday throughout the year.  

Arrival time from 4 pm


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