The Deepen Experience takes you deeply into making a positive impact with physical results on the future, and shows you the way to connect with your future potential.
Let go of old paradigms and allow new paradigms to emerge

Your smoothest route to creativity and insights is to know how to deliberately get yourself in the moment … and stay there.

The Deepen Experience shows you how to do this by:

  • Unlocking free-thinking by being IN time more of the time
  • Learning how to access your inspiration whenever you want to
  • Following tried and tested principles so that perfect pieces of the puzzle show up at the right time, time after time

‘Wilma’s guidance following the retreat has revealed just how well she understands how the subconscious mind works. She takes you far beyond the theory, helping you put it all into practice, so you really do start to see and experience life very differently as your journey unfolds.’ 
Jane Heaton – Jane Heaton Associates

Author, Marketing & Content Specialist

Included In The Deepen Experience

Getting You Ready 8 weeks prior to your arrival, we begin working together to ensure you are fully prepared for being at the cottage

Deepen Retreat – A 7-night, carefully curated solo retreat. Research shows that it takes a minimum of 3 days for your brain to refresh and relax

A Course In Being – Learn to lead from the conscious decisions of who you need to become in order to deliver the difference you want to make. The course builds on the momentum of the retreat and begins straight after your stay. Learn more about the course here.

Chauffeur Driven Transfers – You will be collected from a local railway station and driven to the cottage.  Sit back and relax as the world around you changes

Meet and Greet – Soon after you’ve arrived Wilma will be along to meet you and show you the ropes

Massage – Kneading away knots of tension, this will reinforce the message of a complete change of pace

Probing Conversations – provide a stimulating counterpoint to spending time by yourself

Gong bath – bringing balance, alignment and restoration

Food For Thoughts – Created to your likes and dislikes, your meals will be ready and waiting for you. Our aim is to nourish, satisfy and stimulate your mind and body with delicious food 

The Subtle Dynamics – Over 20 carefully identified elements that ease the connection with your unconscious. As you pay deeper attention to each element, you will nourish new and thought-provoking perspectives

As you begin to apply what you’re learning, you will notice a spaciousness developing inside you. Decisions will be made from a more powerfully centred place.  Your sense of Self will grow, and your ego will invade less as it learns to take a back seat.

If you would like to be one of our Pioneers, for a limited time our Deepen Experience is at a special Pioneer rate of £4750 – it will be £7000. Get in touch to find out more.

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