When you stand and stare, and notice the detail that accompanies you wherever you are, you will acquire a deep satisfaction with the perfection of that moment.

Still now when I go for a walk, or slow down on a run, I think of the walk we took years ago and try and remember the pleasure that can be gained by not rushing through life at 100+ mph – so in that way you touched my life just to occasionally slow down and live in the moment, and in all its natural glory….so thank you!

…….you smelt a fox and picked out a few bird calls, completely naturally. Incredibly I had never smelt a fox before, or really even noted birdsong – at least I had never stood still long enough to allow myself to take in my surroundings and question the change in scent of an area as I passed.”.

Standing and staring - purple heather above Graig Ddu, Llanthony, Black Mountains

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Birdsong - Being At The Cottage

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