Synchronicity At Its Magical Best

It wasn’t so much a case of love at first sight - I hadn’t lived without electricity before, and the cottage was pink!  I wasn’t sure which would be more of a challenge. It was definitely a case of it finding me, though.  After 4 years of travelling I was familiar with synchronicity, but in … Continue reading Synchronicity At Its Magical Best

Why Walking Boosts Creative Solutions

‘Walking is potent mood medicine that enhances thinking, sharpens memory and safeguards brain health.’  Forbes Magazine Walking increases creative inspiration by an average of 60% versus sitting down. In experiments, the effect was evident during and shortly after walking anywhere between 5 and 16 minutes. Walking enables divergent thinking – an expansion of the mind … Continue reading Why Walking Boosts Creative Solutions

5 Reasons To Take A Digital Detox In The Pursuit Of Something Extraordinary

When we separate ourselves from the white noise of our work environment, relinquishing the digital gadgetry that props us up, curious and wonderful things happen.