The philosophy of Being At The Cottage is about being able to make a difference with the people who are making a difference.  It’s our small contribution to change in the 21st Century.

If, in helping each client access their inner wisdom in a more beautiful way, we can help them take their extraordinary contribution to the world in a deeper and more profound way, then we will consider our job well done.

Over the past 200 years, we have inflicted wounds on our planet and society that require urgent healing.  To make a difference we need to collaborate and do the things that we are best at.  We’re not the expert in what our clients do, but we are excellent at what we do, and we know it makes a significant and positive difference to how they do what they do.  It all joins up to create a lasting positive impact.

As well as developing the vision, it’s also about helping to maximise the potential of each person or team so that they become the highest expression of both themselves and what they want to achieve. This matters because the more people who evolve to higher levels of consciousness, the more we, as human beings, can create a powerful and positive influence on the world. 

An idea, service or product born from this highest expression carries a vibration and frequency that positively and exponentially influences everyone it touches.