Wilma is a Growth and Performance coach with an interest in developing consciousness in businesses.

When you take someone out of their usual working environment, leaving behind the status and trappings of office, you are presented with the human being. When you work with me, there is no them and us. It’s just about being human.

I specialise in working with innovators and entrepreneurs who want to make a difference and have a vision for change. My clients are often mavericks, but always people who are committed to consciously develop and evolve in order to pursue something extraordinary.

Adept at taking clients well beyond the scope of their usual self-interrogation, I will unhesitatingly challenge assumptions and beliefs in order to disrupt any conditioned thoughts, helping you to sculpt the fragments of insights gleaned while at the cottage, into more than the sum of their parts.

“Wilma is warm and witty but lets you away with nothing! She pushes you to be better than you have ever been before, and uses a range of brilliant techniques to help you dig deep and find the answers needed to unlock your creativity and success.”   Ali Stewart Executive and Leadership Coach

I love being a coach.  I love the dance between listening and sensing the right time to ask another, deeper question.  To be able to ask questions that you may never have been asked before and the unrivalled privilege of being given the answer.

I have a life-long fascination with the power of the mind, thought and events born from synchronicity. This was kindled in the mid-1980s while my husband and I took 4 years out to travel the world by motorbike.  Ever since then I have continued to read and study the influences of the conscious and sub-conscious mind on human development and behaviour and my fascination with human endeavour and achievement has continued to grow. 

Wilma Allan and BMW R80GS on Peruvian coast

Spending extended periods of time alone is a powerful and under-utilised tool in the creative process. The cottage, in its  rare environment, offers an un-common opportunity for you, as an innovator or entrepreneur to distill your thoughts and ideas as you pursue something extraordinary.

In developing visions, taking time out to reflect, to process and to evolve is important.  Spending time alone is an overlooked but essential element to that.  In addition, it dovetails into and enhances the work with your team.  It’s a time where you can glean information in a pure and uncluttered space, then return to share your findings.   Sometimes, other people, however important they are, can be an un-necessary distraction.

Graig Ddu, the cottage in the forest, Llanthony, Black Mountains

Over the years I’ve come to realise that I am an innate creator.  I have a passion for telling a tale and capturing the detail of lives through photographs, which was fuelled while travelling, and I was captivated by the simply-made and beautiful bowls and baskets, the world over. After returning to the UK when the travelling was over, I moved to the cottage and taught myself the ancient skill of coiling with clay, and my work has been exhibited and sold nationwide.

Wilma Allan adding another coil to a pot

I lived and worked alone at the cottage  for 7 years, 5 of those before electricity was installed, and so I have an intimate understanding of what my clients experience while Being At The Cottage.

Two of Wilma's coiled and burnished pots

The philosophy of Being At The Cottage, which is to make a difference with the people who are making a difference by carefully developing consciousness in businesses, matters. It matters because the more people who evolve to higher levels of consciousness, the more this evolving and expanding group can create a powerful and positive influence on the world.  Ideas that are born and developed from these places of higher connected-ness carry a vibration and frequency that positively and exponentially influence everyone in a better way. 

An accredited Personal Performance Coach since 2008, NLP Master Practitioner and Master Spiritual Practitioner, aside from coaching, I walk, run, garden, practice aikido and qigong. I love my family and I love to laugh.

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